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Beans & Roasting


We use Arabica beans from Chiang Dao.

Picking, washing and drying, all processes, we do ourselves.



We roast with charcoal and we don’t roast a lot so we always can serve fresh coffee!

We know roasting from temperature, sound and smell through experience.

We roast only one kind of coffee which we think is the best!!

Owner's Story

I was born in the Karen tribe village in Muang Khon in Chiang Dao.

When I was young, I remember some people came to my village from the Thai Royal project (government office) and they gave us some Arabica coffee beans to grow.

4 years later, the coffee trees started having fruits. I thought these beans are beautiful so I tried to eat some. They were very sweet. I fell in love with coffee but at the time, nobody knew how to make coffee.

Since I’ve grown up, I still like coffee very much. My dream was working with coffee and having my own business one day.

But, I had to work and make a living. I moved to Chiang Mai and  started working at a guest house, I was very lucky because that guest house sold fresh coffee.

I had a chance to learn about it. I bought a book about coffee’s history and how to roast coffee.

Coffee design
Coffee design

A bit of fun designing

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Doi Luang Chiang Dao is the area where the Chai cafe coffee is grown and processed.

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Chai Cafe
Chai Cafe

Chai cafe and restaurant is located just further from the Chiang Dao Caves. Chai cafe is also the place where the coffee beans are torrefied

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From dream to reality

I have been working and learning about coffee for many years and slowly I was getting close to my dream.

Now I have enough experience so I came back to the village and opened my own café, Chai-cafe in Chiang Dao.

Coffee connected me to many people. I’d like to learn more and teach my knowledge about coffee to the next young generation.